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State Director

Leigh Dauchert

As State Director, my primary job functions include advisor relations, fundraising, and alumni development.

Where are you from?
I am from High Point, NC the furniture capital of the world…home to the best biscuits in the Triad, found at The Biscuit Factory.

Where did you go to school? Major?
I went to Salem College in the heart of Old Salem,  an all women's college.  I majored in Communications and a minor in Business and Marketing.  

Any past careers at the Y and outside of the Y? 
Yes, I was a dance teacher at Mallory Graham’s Dance South throughout high school and loved it.  In the Y, I have been a resident camp counselor at Camp Cheerio, where I met my husband.

Any awards you have received?  
Yes, in 8th grade I was MVP for my basketball team, not because of my skills, but because I was the best benchwarmer and cheerleader.  On a more serious note, in college, I received the J H. Pholf award for my service to the college and community and my leadership on campus.  This was the 2nd highest award on campus, outside of academics.   I also had a  $10,000 leadership and service scholarship for all four years while in college.

Do you volunteer anywhere? If so, where?
I am on the Triangle Salem Alumnae Board and I volunteer at my church, St. Marks United Methodist.

Why do you love YAG? 
I love YAG because it provides an opportunity for teens to think critically about their communities, state, and the world.  It does this by creating a fun and supportive environment of learning for the students.  A highlight for me is to have to the opportunity to witness a teen grow in their leadership through debate, gaining an appreciation of other perspectives and beginning to care about their civic responsibility.  

How long you have been at the YMCA? Past careers at the Y?
11 years: As a Counselor, Cabin Life Director, Senior Teen Director, and Youth & Government State Director!

A fun fact about Leigh:
I have danced in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and I still have a dream of being on Broadway.