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The 2020 Governor's Gala Review

By: Shelby Swanson

The 2020 Governor’s Gala did not disappoint with its deliverance of an excellent dinner and dance. Falling on Valentine’s Day this year, the Raleigh Convention Center ballroom was adorned with flowery, romantic decorations and love-themed songs played throughout the night. Despite the overall beauty and excitement of the night, many delegates had some ideas as to how to better improve the Gala for next year to make sure it is as “hype” as possible. 

The Dinner

Dinner is served! Delegates were treated to a classic three-course meal. It began with rolls and salad and progressed to a chicken parmesan over mashed potatoes with a side of broccoli. This was all finished off with a platter of lemon squares, s’ mores shooters and cheesecake. While most delegates seemed to enjoy the meal, some had issues with the drink selection, which was once again confined to just water and unsweet tea.

 “Although valiant efforts were made to provide artificial sweetener packets, the sweet tea was still not there,” said Connor Cabot, a champion for the adoption of sweet tea at the Governor’s Gala. “Much progress has been made from last year’s Gala, but with my representation, we can make that giant leap for humanity and serve the sweetest of teas to delegates and advisors alike for years to come.”

The Dance

After an hour or so of chattering among delegations at various dinner tables across the gala, the dance finally kicked off. Delegates rushed to the floor, kicked off their shoes and moshed together for the rest of the night. It seemed as if the organizers took into account delegate feedback on last year’s music, considering there were many more contemporary songs by artists like Roddy Rich and Lil Uzi Vert playing. However, some delegates still felt that the music could be further improved upon. “I had a really good time, but the music was heavily remixed,” said Hope Foster, a sophmore delegate of North Raleigh Christian Academy. “There were good songs, but the remixes were a little bit much.”

The Bingo

If teens or advisors chose not to dance, they had another great way to spend their night. The games of “Cosmic Bingo” played on Friday allowed delegates to take a break from the chaos in the ballroom. Led by two seniors, Granny Annie and Grandpa Randy, the bingo was a favorite of many who participated. “I really enjoyed how it was glow-in-the-dark because it made things very exciting,” said Sasha Nainani, who spent the night at Cosmic Bingo with her friends. “We didn’t end up winning, but it’s about the journey, not the destination.”

Whether it was the music, decorations or out-of-this-world fun, the Gala provided another night of adventure for all NC Y&G participants. A favorite part of the conference for many, we can’t wait to see what the Governor’s Gala has in store for us next year.