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Conference's Most Interesting Bills

Ann Sumner Thorpe and Alex Johnson
Rocky Mount Academy and 
Cape Fear Academy

With the conference officially underway, there are some bills that we would like to highlight that have been favorites in both the Forum and the House. The proposals sparked interesting debates within chambers, and all favorably passed with a majority vote. Read below to find out more about each bill.

House Bill 14: The NC state dessert shall be changed to Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts.

Authors: Caroline Griggs, Landrey Messick, Olivia Fowler (Calvary Day School)

Who doesn’t love donuts? Especially Krispy Kreme donuts? House Bill #14 poses to change the official NC state dessert to Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donuts. The bill authors promised to make everyone's day a little brighter during their opening statement, and argued that since Krispy Kreme first opened in Winston Salem, why not make their doughnuts the official state dessert? The budget analyst stated that this would increase Krispy Kreme’s profits by 10%, giving it the status of fiscally responsible with a grade of A.

House Bill #18: Legalization of Sports Betting

Authors: Davon Peebles and Noah Durham

This bill focuses on legalizing sports betting in North Carolina. During the bill author’s opening statement, they noted how many other states have made it available, and that we are missing out on the benefits of bringing in extra revenue for our state. It would only apply to professional sports teams, and businesses would have to apply for a permit to participate. All revenue from the taxes on earnings will go towards education.

Forum Bill #3: Autobahn Road

Authors: L. Crawford and C. Orlando

This bill proposes an Autobahn road in North Carolina from Raleigh to Black Mountain.  This road has no speed limit which will permit drivers to travel across the country faster.  This road was modeled after the Autobahn road in Germany. People can drive as slow or fast as they want, taking in the scenic views or just getting to their destination as fast as possible.  Even though drivers can drive the speed of their choice, there is a suggested speed limit of 85 miles per hour.