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Elect. Engage. Encourage.

As Americans, voting is our right. Thanks to current technology, we have the ability to voice our opinions to the public every day, in a variety of ways.

It’s common for us to vote for our favorite restaurant, song or celebrity.

In fact, more than 122.4 million of us voted for Scotty McCreery on American Idol. The public made him a super star with that support.

It’s even more common for us to share our thoughts and opinions on social media. Each month, almost 400 million posts are shared on Facebook.

In the last presidential election, only 57 percent of the voting age population turned out to vote. That’s 121 million people, fewer than the number of American Idol voters.

Today, we have the opportunity to register our opinions in a way that will move our community, our state and our nation forward.

The YMCA of the Triangle is here to strengthen the foundation of our community. When everyone's voice is heard at the ballot box, we have the opportunity to select our leaders and the direction of our community.

We encourage everyone to head to the polls and vote today. Find your voting location here.

After you vote, show off your “I Voted” sticker with a post about why you voted and use the hashtag #YVotes2014.

Together, we can move our Mission forward.