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Greetings from your Governor!

By: Julia Johnston

Pearce Lewis, the 2020 NC YMCA Youth Governor, is excited about conference. Former Speaker of the Forum, Lewis has been a leader here at Youth and Government since freshman year and is well prepared for her new head position. Lewis has big plans for what she wants to change and makes it better for everyone at conference. 

“I want increased participation in the chambers and in the all-star round for legislative and judicial. I also just want everyone to gain a sense of political efficacy,” Lewis said. 

She has learned more about herself and her peers through NC Y&G, and she takes pride in the close-knit community.

“The connections that I have formed with people and getting to know everyone as we all share a common interest is what makes this program so special,” Lewis said.

Since she has been through three years of the process, Pearce Lewis is a Youth and Government veteran who is reflective of her past years in this program.

“Looking back, I would tell my freshman self to just enjoy every second of NC Y&G,” Lewis explained.

Pearce Lewis is a natural leader, friend to many, and light to everyone around her. She is sure to make this year one to remember.