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Highlights of the 2019 Governor's Gala

Ann Sumner Thorpe and Alex Johnson
Rocky Mount Academy and Cape Fear Academy

Delegates look forward to the Youth and Government Gala every year.; however, the 2019 Gala consisted of a few changes. First of all, it took place on a Friday instead of a Saturday. Also, candidates that were running for Chief Justice, Speaker of the House, Lieutenant Governor, and Attorney General presented their speeches during the dinner instead of during joint sessions. Delegates of different grades and delegations were asked questions regarding this year’s Gala.

Frederick Liu, North Raleigh Christian Academy

“The Bingo game was really fun. I didn’t really like how the speeches were on Gala night, because everyone was talking and eating and being disrespectful towards the speakers. The music options could be better as well.”

Richmond Griner, West Forsyth High School

“Could have louder music and newer/updated songs. I think all executives should show videos. However, the decorations were really good.”

Simba Mushayamunda, R.J. Reynolds High School

“Should make the music more contemporary because that was one of the biggest issues when everyone was so crowded and they didn’t have anything to dance to. Just being with everybody and getting to enjoy the time was my highlight. We all got sweaty dancing, but being with everyone it makes it fun. Everybody looks forward to coming to Y&G and learning about government, the dance parties are how you end the day on a high note.”

Pearce Lewis, Cape Fear Academy

“We should make the dance floor a little bit bigger because it was so crowded. Also, maybe more songs that are more dance-oriented. My highlight was getting to bond with everyone. Being that close to everyone solidifies the community that it forms”

Trevor Kirk, North Raleigh Christian Academy

“The highlights were hanging outside and talking with friends was fun. The food was good, but the speeches during dinner were a little rough. I don’t mind the date  being changed, but the speeches should have stayed the same.”

William Dahl, Cape Fear Academy

“I had a great time dancing. Gala is always the highlight of YAG in my opinion. It’s so much fun getting dressed up and going out with your friends from your friends and having fun with newfound friends.”