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House Bill 36

By Emily Martin
North Raleigh Christian Academy

House Bill #36, by North Raleigh Christian Academy delegates Connor Cabot and Ashley Hu, mandates that all high school students must take the US Citizenship Test to graduate.
The US Citizenship Test consists of 100 short answer questions that all people entering the United States must take. While this bill does mandate that high school students must pass the test by 70 percent, they have the opportunity to take it as many times as necessary to pass, free of charge.
The budget analyst assigned to the bill found it fiscally responsible.
House Bill #36 passed in both its first and second house chambers by approximately 75 percent. When asked what inspired them to write this bill, Representative Cabot said, “I became frustrated after seeing that many American citizens were unable to answer basic questions about their government,” when news sources questioned them.
A study by the University of Pennsylvania Annenberg Public Policy Center shows that more than one in three people could not name a single right protected by the First Amendment.
It also found that only one in four people can name all three branches of the government, and one in three people are not able to name any branch of government.
“I wanted to write it to engage people,” explained Cabot, “And encourage more knowledge of our government.”
Representative Humphrey added that if people who are not US citizens have to pass this test to be naturalized, then US natural born citizens should also have this basic knowledge as they have resided in the United States their entire life.