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A love letter to Y&G

By: Shelby Swanson and Julia Johnston

Dear NC Y&G,

We only meet once a year, but you “are our favorite part of [that] year.” You engage us in lively debate and exciting activities. You encourage us to advocate for our ideas and opinions. You inspire us to act and make a change in our community, state, and nation. “You are an outlet for all of our ideas and have helped us make so many connections and friendships,” and “you have created a passionate environment of youth who want to bring change and learn about the government.” 

We “love the excitement that the kids get from this program”. Watching people get “in touch with their artsy and creative side with Media”, “present their bills and ideas” in front of others in Legislative and learn to love law in Judicial makes us appreciate you all the more.

We’ve “met people from all around the state”, including “some of our best friends from NC Y&G” and grown so much along the way. You have “fostered our passion and instilled us with a belief that we have the ability to change the status quo in our government.”

Above all, you have ingrained in us the belief that democracy must be learned by every generation. For that, we thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Delegates of the 2020 NC YMCA Y&G Conference