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MSUN: Shaping Teens' World View

By Faith Moavenzadeh

MSUN provided me with the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, understand and embrace other countries ideals, needs and culture while learning how global change and advancement is truly brought about.

Over 275 students from across the state in grades 6 - 8 learn about global issues during Middle School United Nations (MSUN).

During this conference, students assumed the roles of diplomatic representatives to the United Nations as they considered contemporary international concerns. The conference brought together students from around the “world” to discuss diverse and pressing international issues such as child welfare, trade & world economy, health, and the environment.  Through this role-playing event, students gained a greater understanding of world problems and the complexity of international relations.

Before arriving, students spent the past year researching and preparing to represent the interest of their countries. Members of the countries were split up to different committees so that all of the countries could be represented in the discussion of these issues. Each committee formed one resolution to their assigned topic, which they presented and debated in the general assembly.

During the Festival of Nations, teens "traveled the world" to learn about different cultures through displays made by their peers. Each country prepared a display table, with a poster, homemade flag and some brought snacks or other things to hand out as people visited. Students had researched interesting and important information about their countries and shared this information with their peers. The students also dressed in cultural dress, specific to their country. As they visited each nation, they received a stamp on their passport.

During that weekend, teens broadened their worldview, right in their backyard.

View photos from the conference here.

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