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Q&A with the Mock Trial All Stars

By: Shelby Swanson

Today, the NC Y&G Mock Trial All Star Round featured many outstanding judicial delegates facing off in the case People of the State of Illinois v. Alex Buckley (to read more see the article “Brutal Battles in Mock Trial”). It was an opportunity for attorneys and witnesses to display their skills in a highly competitive round and collaborate with new teammates. I had the opportunity to interview the “All Stars” about their Y&G mock trial experience. Here is what they had to say:

Savannah Byrd

Q: What is your favorite part of Mock Trial?

A: “I really like how we’re able to defend a side even if we don’t agree with it. I also appreciate the teamwork that it takes and being and being able to work together with kids from other schools and communities.”

Nicholas Harrell

Q: Why do you love Y&G Mock Trial?

A: “I want to be an attorney when I’m older and this is it. This is the closest thing I can get to being in a real trial. It really cleared up some things about trial being a lawyer and now I know this is what I want to do.”

Abigail Oliver

Q: Do you like being an attorney or a witness more?

A: “Definitely an attorney. I love arguing and finding the flaws in everyone else’s cases. It’s so involved all the way through. I’m never bored.”

Aailiyah Vinson

Q: What is your favorite part of Mock Trial?

A: “My favorite part was working with my team and learning the facts of the case. I also like that you have more options with what you can do in Mock Trial versus the other branches.”

Tara Thurman

Q: Why do you love Y&G Mock Trial?

A: “It’s so hands on and you’re so involved. You’re working with a team that you get so close with and have so much fun with.”

Peyton Hall

Q: What do you love about Y&G Mock Trial?

A: “I’m meeting so many new people and getting to work with people who love the same thing that I do. I also love being an attorney, it’s my favorite. I get to argue and get information out of witnesses that they don’t want to tell.”

Carter Neptune

Q: What’s your favorite part about Mock Trial?

A: “My favorite part about Mock Trial is being a witness and giving an attorney an answer they don’t want. I can be a really fighty witness if I’m given the right questions. My witness is the lead investigator in the case and I have a background in forensic science, so it made it really easy to memorize all the case details.”

Sunishka Deshpande

Q: What do you love about Y&G Mock Trial?

A: “I love when it gets intense and there’s a lot of rebuttal. Mock Trial keeps you on your toes and helps with your adaptability a lot.”