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Suggestions from the delegates

By: Andrew Basinger

Democracy is the focus and pulse of North Carolina Youth and Government. One of the most important aspects of democracy is reflecting on what changes people want and executing those inquiries. As heard previously, the new governor candidates (Amir Shaheen and Connor Cabot) and fellow delegates have some new ideas for the following years of conference. 

Although many large delegations attend NC Y&G, many small ones do as well. “We need more representation for smaller delegations,” Katie Clark from East Chapel Hill said. Many small delegations feel that they aren’t recognized for their hard work. Additionally, this year’s early start at 7:30 on Friday has caused much apprehension among the delegates. The shortened allotted sleep time is a common complaint among the delegates this year. “Not getting up early and staying up late is the only thing I would change,” Sarah Rice said.

There is also a lot of talk about more collaboration between the branches. “First of all, I would like to create a more Legislative/Judicial cooperation in order to create a more realistic simulation of the State Government,” Amir Shaheen said. With more cooperation, the branches can become a unit rather than different divisions. Although there are strings connecting the different divisions, delegates believe there can be more overlap. Most delegates don’t even know what occurs in the other branches and are oblivious to their hard work. “I don’t know anything about the Judicial branch and feel like I should,” Budget Analyst Sara Gerber said. Collaboration is an essential theme to NC Y&G and with more overlap between branches, the program could become more united.

Moreover, delegates have requested more action and movement between programs, especially during sessions. “More freedom between programs instead of having to sit in one room [would be nice],” Delegate Dylan Thiessen said.

Pre-Conference is also a popular topic of change for many delegates including our governor candidates. Pre-Conference is a vital event for the preparation and smooth running of conferences. “I believe that Youth and Government is an amazing program, but if I could change anything I would focus on making Pre-Conference more productive and even implementing referendums for important issues,” Associate Justice Brooks Meine said.  Likewise, Amir Shaheen proposed to have even more Pre-Conferences to increase productivity.

North Carolina Youth and Government is an amazingly productive and driven program, but like all things great, people believe it can be even better.