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Virtual Festival of Nations

Over the past few months, you and your partners have worked hard to research and prepare for the 2020 MSUN Conference in Black Mountain. While we are unable to host Festival of Nations in person, we want to celebrate your hard work on our YMCA Youth & Government Facebook page and on our website. 

Virtual Festival of Nations  

To participate in our virtual Festival of Nations, follow the steps below. We understand that you will not be with your country partner(s), but we encourage all team members to send pictures, facts or highlights from your research. Send one or all of the pieces of this virtual Festival of Nations! 

  • What country did you research?
  • Send a picture of you wearing your country's attire. 
  • Share 2-3 facts about your country.
  • Send a picture of the flag you created. 
  • Send a picture of your trifold board. 
  • Did you plan on making food from your country to share with others at Conference? Make it at home and send us a picture of your family enjoying it! 

Send all pictures and country facts to so we can highlight your work on social media and on our website.