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Welcome to NC Y&G!

By: Andrew Basinger

The 2020 North Carolina YMCA Youth and Government conference is finally here! NC Youth and Government teaches students the works of democracy so they can be informed and prepared citizens. Get outside of your comfort zone.

The newest addition to conference this year is the plenary session. Five bills have been preselected to be presented in front of all of legislative. It is going to be an incredible opportunity for all delegates to get involved and we can't wait to see everyone in action. 

For those who are new to NC Y&G, it is important to remember to take advantage of all the opportunities that the conference has to offer. 2020 Youth and Government Governor Pearce Lewis has some advice for all delegates attending. She encourages delegates to “reach out to people outside your delegation and make new friends! It will make the conference far more exciting and worthwhile!” said Lewis. 

Although it is important to remain engaged and involved, be sure to have fun and make your weekend worthwhile. NC Y&G advocates many values, but collaboration with new friends is one of the most important. This conference is a great opportunity to listen to others’ opinions and take them into account when expressing your own. Respecting different ideas is something that is incredibly unique to the NC Youth and Government Program. Go make a difference!