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What is YAG to Our Security Team?

By Andrew Basinger
Cape Fear Academy

As many of the delegates are concentrated on bills, court cases, or media projects, people often forget about the staff running Youth and Government. The people wearing yellow jackets that guard the elevators, sidewalks, and buildings are responsible for maintaining the safety of the conference. They know more about the conference then one might suppose, as they are constantly looking out for students. The security guards were asked to voice their opinion of Y&G to gain a different perspective of the conference.

Some guards do not leave the hotel, so how much do they really know about the works of Youth and Government?  Barbra Denton, a local school teacher, had an exceptionally clear awareness of the program. Denton said, “It introduces the basic knowledge of government and as a teacher, I think the program is important for teaching kids the basics of government.”

Although delegates are the ones involved in the conference, guards know or see occurrences that others may overlook. Denton introduced a new perspective which should serve as a reminder to why Y&G is truly exceptional. Denton said “Everyone has come together to work for a common goal. People may have different viewpoints but they all come together for the benefit of the program.” The remarkable comments given by people who are not part of the conference is special. The delegates are not the only ones who realize the true potential and uniqueness of Y&G, but everyone around it does as well.

Youth and Government offers unprecedented opportunities. All delegates are privileged to experience the conference and enjoy what it has to offer. Although they are in the background, security guards notice and admire how hard students work. Denton was impressed with how students handle themselves and said, “It is important for students to take advantage of this program and I am glad to see that many do.” Watson was not the only guard astonished by this year’s conference. Security guard Jonny Evans, located in the Sheraton, believes it is a great program that well prepares the youth for their future. Evans said, “I think it is a great idea. This program is great for teaching the youth about government and preparing for their future job.” As a fellow law-involved persona, people should take the advice offered by these hard-working individuals.

As busy as Y&G is, the security guards and other staff members should not be forgotten, for they are crucial to Youth and Government. It is important to remember that the staff does a lot for the conference and deserve a simple “thank you” whenever delegates get the chance.