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At NC YMCA Youth & Government we are focused on creating model citizens. Our goal isn't to conform students to any set of beliefs or to push students into career paths. Rather, our passion is that students will leave our programs with a greater sense of teamwork, self-confidence and societal awareness. Your support can help us turn our passions into realities. 

Volunteer with Youth & Government

To join our incredible team of volunteers, please view and complete the Volunteer Interest Form and find the role that best suits you. 

  • Support Your Local Club
  • Participate in Bill Review Day: This often takes place leading up to the Youth Legislature Conference (mid-November). 
  • College Staff: Each year we have alumni college students volunteer their time at the Youth Legislature and/or MSUN Conference. 
  • Program Volunteer
  • Conference Logistics Volunteer

To volunteer, complete the Volunteer Interest Form today.


Make a difference by donating to the North Carolina Youth & Government Program. Contributions to the North Carolina YMCA Youth & Government’s Annual Campaign support start-up delegations in under-served regions of the state, provide scholarships for delegates in need and offer the youth of North Carolina a life-changing opportunity. They also allow us to keep the participation fees at a reasonable level. Give today.