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Current Conference Material

Forum Update 

The deadline to turn in Forum bills is extended to January 16. 
Below are the following actions that should be taking place within your groups at this time. If you have not made contact with your bill group or you have questions please email  

  • Bill Brainstorm and Write; With your bill group, brainstorm and write your bill for submission by January 16, 2020. 
  • Select Role; Each person should have a role within your group. You should have at least a bill author, budget analyst, and lobbyist. No more than 3 bill authors per group. 
  • Practice; Each person should be practicing Parliamentary Procedure to have a better understanding of how their specific role will work during Conference. 

Campaign Information 

  •  Campaign information can be found here

Bill Submission- Forum only 

  • Only paste the text of the bill in the link, line numbers and headings will be added by the State Office 
  • All bill authors date of birth are needed to complete bill submission
  • Only ONE bill author should submit the bill for their group 
  • All bills must be submitted online by January 16. 

Click here to submit your bill 

2019-20 Conference Materials 

  • 2019-20 Calendar - This calendar includes registration information, application deadlines and conference dates 
  • Registration Screenshot Guide
    • Students will be asked to select from either a role in legislative or judicial during the registration process. Students who are interested in applying for another program area (ie: media, mock trial, lobbyist, and budget analyst) must complete the corresponding application. If the student is selected for the program area they apply for, we will update their role. Should the student not be selected for that program area, they will remain in either legislative (form, house, and senate) or judicial (court of appeals).
  • Program Curriculum 
  • Pre-Conference Booklet


Student Delegation Leaders