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Current Conference Material

Bill submission

Click here to see the complete list of bills accepted to the 2019 Bill Book. 

If you have been asked to resubmit your bill please read the common errors below prior to submitting. 

  • Read ALL fields of the bill submission link. 
  • Authors DO NOT need to include "BE IT ENACTED BY etc." 
  • If you have questions regarding your specific bill, email 

Click here to resubmit your bill. 

Pre Conference Information 

Program Applications 

Applications for Mock Trial, Lobbyist and Media are listed below. Please note the due dates for each application. 

Candidate and campaign information 

All candidates are expected to read overall campaign information prior to completing an application. Advisors should also be aware of delegates who are running for a position for the 2019-20 YMCA NC Youth and Government year. Candidates are expected to attend the Candidate Meeting at pre-conference in November.

Candidate applications are due December 3. All candidate materials are due January 9. Failure to meet either deadline could result in removal from the race. Please email with any candidate or campaign questions. 

Executive Candidate: Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the House, and Chief Justice 

Associate Candidate: Associate Justice, Presiding Officer, Speaker of the Forum, Attorney General, Secretary of State and State Treasurer. 

Appointed Positions